By Evil Means


The divorced Siegel living in Billings, Montana. Siegel, a drop-out from FBI school and a former police officer whose brother, a fellow officer, has recently committed suicide, is hired to probe the sudden personality transformation exhibited by teen-aged character Jennifer Kuntz. Siegel is initially dismissive of the Kuntz case, but her interest escalates when she discovers that her late brother (the suicidal police officer) had been named in a sexual misconduct complaint made by Jennifer. Siegel’s subsequent investigation takes her to Whispering Pines, a clinic for rehabilitating substance abusers. There she finds evidence of conspiracy and cover-up and further intrigue leading to local, well-to-do citizenry and corrupt police department.


Phoebe Siegel – Billings, Montana Private Investigator, former FBI candidate

Mary Kuntz – Client
Frank Kuntz – Mary’s Husband
Jennfer Kuntz- Mary’s daughter and object of investigation
Malcolm “Cutter” Gage – Head of MIB and Roger’s boss (Mary’s Father, Jennifer’s grandfather)
Earl – Malcolm’s assistant/aide
Dr. Jim Drummond – Jennifer’s first Psychiatrist mysteriously left town
Dr. Victor Stroud – Psychiatrist Whispering Pines took over Dr. Drummond’s practice
Claire – Dr. Stroud’s assistant
Jean Dillard – Jennifer’s High School Counselor
Jimmy Padilla – Jennifer’s Boyfriend
Angela Padilla – Jimmy’s mother
Shawna Unger- Patient at Whispering Pines from Denver
Daniel Unger – Shawna’s Father
Dorothy Morgan – Denver Bar Owner and Daniel’s girlfriend
Gina- Patient at Whispering Pines
Dinah Lord – Former patient at Whispering Pines
Jeffrey Lord – Dinah’s father of Lord Manufacturing Wisconsin
Maureen Kuntz Sadler – Jennifer’s Sister
Miles Sadler – Maureen’s Husband

John Flannery – Phoebe’s Uncle – Billings PD Captain
Maggie Flannery Siegel – Phoebe’s Mom
Kehly Siegel – Phoebe’s baby sister – Department Store Cosmetic Counter Clerk
Rudy – Kehly’s Boyfriend
Zelda Deborah Siegel Fink-Abrams-Morgan-Feinstein – Phoebe’s Aunt – (her father’s twin sister) Kookie Jewish Free Spirit Left Phoebe Mucho Bucks
Benjamin Aaron Siegel – Phoebe’s father – long since passed
Samuel Aaron Siegel- Phoebe’s brother died in Vietnam
Michael Siegel – Phoebe’s Brother – Catholic Priest
Benjamin Aaron Siegel, Jr – Phoebe’s Brother – Police officer committed suicide
Aaron Siegel- Phoebe’s Brother
Roger – Assistant Procecuter Montana Investigation Bureau
Freida – Roger’s mother
Stud – Phoebe’s cat

Tillie – John Flannery’s Police Department Secretary
Grace – Records Department Clerk at Billings Police Department
Lanny Wilson – Phoebe’s first husband – Billings Police Officer
Fran Wilson – Lanny’s current wife
George Shanklin – Billings Police Officer and Ben’s friend/Partner
Charlene Shanklin – George’s current wife and Ben’s widow
Kyle Old Wolf – Sheriff Deputy
Sharon Webb – Billings Police Officer
Henry Wayne Williams – Denver PD Detective- Pheobe met at Quantico

Donna Jo Johnson – Dun&Bradstreet Credit Bureau Clerk in Billings
Krisa Poole – Billings Courthouse Records Clerk – She and Phoebe went through school together
Sharon – Massage Therapist – Phoebe’s Office Neighbor

Jackie – Phoebe’s Realtor
Jerry Bean – Dock Foreman Alpha Food Wholesaler – Phoebe’s High School Friend
Crank – Alpha’s Delivery Driver
Mrs. Whickerhsam – Phoebe’s Next Door neighbor
Susie – Mrs. Whickersham’s Poodle