Montana at Christmas

Montana at Christmas time seems like a pretty cold place to be to a Floridian like me. The pictures are very pretty but all that snow and cold really doesn’t appeal. As fans of Sandra West Prowell and her main character Phoebe Siegel we enjoy delving into her 3 novels again and again but can’t help but wish for a story or two more in the series. Sad to say there hasn’t been a lot of new interaction on the fan site and we hope to change that in the new year. Again, we invite her fellow fans to submit your fan fiction, fan art and pictures in and around Montana so that we can share them on the site.

Please use our CONTACT US form to send us your information and we will be happy to contact you and post your items to the site. We did have a few responses from fans and wanted to thank them for their input and hope they will stay in touch. One thing that we would like to discuss further is the notion of turning her books into movies or a TV series. Wouldn’t that be great!

We wish all of our fellow fans and their family a safe and happy holiday season this year and look forward to hearing from more of you in the future.