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Sandra West Prowell Has Passed Away

We were deeply sadden to receive an email from Ms. Prowell’s son, Kurt, informing us of her passing this past week.

Message from her son:I am the son of Sandra West Prowell. She left this world into a greater mystery than any one of us know. She passed away at 4 am, August 29th 2015. Her Husband Bruce Prowell preceded her on July 30th 2015.

The only obituary notice we could find in the Billings Gazette: “PROWELL — Sandra West, 71, of Billings. Cremation. Private family services to be held at a later time.”
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What is Your Favorite Book

whenwallflowersdieWhat is your favorite Sandra West Prowell book? I know that there are only three of them to choose from but which do you like the best and why?

Since, there is no new news to share about this author why not discuss a little bit about the ones we do have and maybe come up with story lines for our favorite characters. We are always looking for Fan Fiction, Fan Art, and any discussions about the characters you would like to share with the rest of Ms. Prowell’s fans.

Make some comments and lets get some discussions going!

No News But Still Looking for Fan Fiction

Montana11No News But Still Looking for Fan Fiction. Nothing new here in the last year but we are still looking for fans to send us their fan fiction. If you are a writer, not yet published writer or just an avid fan of Ms. Prowell we really could use some new material for the website. Our favorite author only published three stories, even great stories like these, will need some new material every now and then to keep the website interesting. And we all have our theories as to what happened next to our favorite character.

In the mean time we have found a couple of places to still get a copy of her books. One of them is the Open Library: “Open Library’s goal is to list every book — whether in-print or out-of-print, available at a bookstore or a library, scanned or typed in as text. In other words, we provide access to all of Project Gutenberg’s books but we have hundreds of thousands of others as well.” Of course, you can still get copies of her books, usually used, online with Amazon and their other vendors. You can sign up for a FREE account with the Open Library and most of the books available are scanned in copies in PDF eBook format but some are locked and only available to those with a “Daisy” access account with the Library of Congress.

We enjoy hearing from her fans and hope you will take some time to type up a story or two based on any one of the three stories and send them to us. The online resource Gale still has a page of information the author if you want to read through it: You may need your library card number to access the information on the link.

Website Changes and News

byevilmeansWe hope you and yours had a safe and spooky Halloween. We have done some updates to the site, added some new security, and added some additional pages as well as refreshed the SWP AStore. Ms. Prowell’s books are getting harder and harder to find. That is just sad. We all enjoyed her stories and had hoped she would continue with the series or even start a new one but it has been over 10 years since she has published anything else. We can still keep her stories alive though by re-reading them, creating some fan fiction and discussing them among ourselves. If you are a fan, a budding writer who have read her books, or even artist willing to share some drawings of her characters we hope you will contact us so that we can share with the rest of the class.

We are still looking for fan art from the stories, fan fiction, and we hope someone out there will help us with quotes from the books. Phoebe Siegel is a great character and the books are well worth the read and in most cases a re-read every so often. We hope you will send in your suggestions on where you think the characters are going next, what situations or mysteries could she solve? We would even welcome a collaboration between Phoebe and some other fictional detective you love to read about. Please use our direct email: jolene dot macfadden at sandrawestprowell dot info and send in your contributions. We will post them here and, of course, we would want to give the contributors credit for their work too. Sadly, we had to put all of our books into storage when we decided to hit the road in our old RV and none of her books are available on Kindle 🙁
So we hope you will help us out.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

New Mysteries for Phoebe

whenwallflowersdieWho wouldn’t want some new mysteries for our favorite character, Phoebe Siegel, to solve? We are still wanting our fellow fans to create some short stories with Phoebe Siegel as the main character. You can send us your stories to our email address: jolene dot macfadden at sandrawestprowell dot info and upload a text, Microsoft Word document, or even an Acrobat Reader PDF file of your writing directly from your computer. So, if you are an up-and-coming, beginner, or closet writer we hope you will take the plunge and create some mysteries for Phoebe, PI to solve. She doesn’t even have to stay in Montana to do it. What would happen if she goes on vacation in southern Florida with a hurricane coming and someone has stolen her luggage? Or maybe she has driven down to Yellow Stone to investigate some cheating husband who says he was going camping only to end up dead? How about her latest beau has gone into Canada for a policeman’s conference and comes up missing? Will Phoebe race to the rescue? You bet your booty she would.
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