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Mystery of the Missing Author

Hey readers and fellow fans of the author Sandra West Prowell. We created this fansite to support the author and to give her fans a place to come and review her work and discuss the books and characters she has created. We firmly believe that every author deserves a place to showcase their work. We have also tried to honor the author as best we could. However, after trying to get more information from her former publishers and not having a listing the the American Writers Biography book it is very difficult to garner any new interest in the character or the author.
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Where to Get Her Books

Happily her books are still available through but sadly there are only 3 books published by this author, so far. And you can find her books still on the Barnes and Noble website as well.

The three books were published back-to-back in 1995, 1996 and 1997 according to the information available on Amazon but I had read that a 4th books was supposed to be released. I found this note on the in the Burning Questions Section:

Phoebe Siegel rides again

Dear Burning Questions,
I recently discovered the Phoebe Siegel series by Sandra West Prowell, and loved all three. Are there any new books forthcoming?

via e-mail

Her publicist at Walker tells us Sandra West Prowell is in the middle of several projects, including a new Phoebe Siegel title. The fearless cop turned private investigator has appeared in three Montana mysteries, including By Evil Means and When Wallflowers Die. No publication date has been set for the new title, but you can be sure it won’t be in March. The headstrong heroine suffers from an extreme aversion to that month.

If you know when or if this new book is actually going to be published we would really like to know. I tried looking on the publisher’s website but she is no longer listed as an author with them. HELP! we need info, pics, and anything else you can provide to make this fansite a great resource for this talented author.


Welcome to the Sandra West Prowell’s Fan Pages.  This is the initial post for her fans.  This News and Update Page is in a Blog type format and will be updated as we get new information about the author or come up with interesting topics to share with our fellow fans.  We are not in direct contact with the author, however if she ever wishes to post anything for her fans she is welcome to email me at: and I will be happy to pass her message, comments, updates or whatever else along here!

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