Phoebe Siegel Series in eBook

Phoebe Siegel Series in eBook format would be really sweet. More and more of the older stories are being reformatted into eBook format of one kind or another. Of course, the biggest one is Amazon Kindle but any of the others would be pretty great as well. It would be great if one of Ms. Prowell’s relatives would approach her agent and get them to convert these stories into eBook format we could ALL get copies and enjoy once more. Sadly, these books are slowly going away and may soon become just collector’s items. The series is so great and could bring newer and younger fans if they were available electronically. Heck, even libraries are buying more and more eBooks for their patrons.

If you are a fan of Mrs. Prowell’s writings and would love to get her books in eBook format we hope you will keep badgering Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes to get them converted over. If you find them somewhere let us know and we will post the great news right here!

We have changed the theme and coloring of our website. So tell all your friends and family to subscribe to our blog we endeavor to write more posts in the future but most of that depends on her many fans out there. We are always looking for fan fiction and fan art. If you write a short story featuring Phoebe Siegel we will post it here in an article about you as a writer as well as your other published works. Great deal for you with some free advertising. Artists the same goes for you as well. Just send it directly to our email in either a text document or WORD doc: jolene dot macfadden at sandrawestprowell dot info

Till next time, KEEP READING!