Summer Time Reading

Summer time is a pretty good time to get caught up on your reading. I, for one, like to re-read all of my favorite authors and series in anticipation of any upcoming books by them during the fall and winter months. Sadly, we will not be able to do that as our favorite author is no longer with us to produce any more great stories. If you don’t already own the three Phoebe Siegel mysteries you can still get them on Amazon through used book stores. Most of our local libraries have discontinued them for check out. We are still hoping to have them re-released in eBook format but the author’s family will have to make arrangements for that. If we hear anything new about that we will let you guys know.

We had to delete the bookstore page as Amazon is no longer sponsoring them so we have linked the books to the pages in order for you to buy them if you need to below. We are still trying to update each of the book’s pages with a Cast of Characters and a better synopsis for our fellow fans to enjoy. If you have one already and would like to share it please use our CONTACT US form and send it over.

When Wallflowers Die

By Evil Means

The Killing of Monday Brown

To the gentleman who sent us an email wanting to produce the books in eBook format: we are a fan site and are unable to help you with your inquiry. You will need to contact the family members to see if they are willing and/or able to proceed with that project. We haven’t heard anything from the agent or the author’s previous publisher yet but will post the information here in our news feed should there be any movement in that area.

Till next time…keep on reading….