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JoleneDec2012My name is Jolene and I am the blog writer and website designer. I enjoys reading, writing blog articles, designing websites, traveling and is learning about creating bead and wire jewelry. My mom and I are currently traveling around the state of Florida in an old Class A RV visiting the state parks, writing reviews, taking lots of pictures and videos and are currently volunteering at the state parks. Most national, state and local parks encourages volunteers and through my various websites and hopes to encourage more people to help out when and where they can. You can follow along on our adventures on the blog site: To help finance our adventure and the websites that I has created and writes articles we offer our Southern Women Crafts for sale on three online stores as well as advertisements on the websites/blogs and the Amazon mini stores. Clicking on any of the advertisements or buying items from any of the mini stores will also aid them in keeping our websites going. Sales from the crafts help us pay for gas, repairs, internet and food along the way.

My mom and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read through this and our other websites, buying colorful and unique hand crafted items from our online stores, buying books or other items from any one of our Amazon mini stores as well as clicking on any of the advertisements. Granted, the mini stores and advertisements only net us a few pennies at a time but we hope you will keep coming back, sharing our websites with your friends and family and eventually, we hope, these pennies will add up to enough money to keep everything running.

Again thanks for your time and please share, share, share our websites with everyone you know!

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